BIM305 Computer Organization

                                  Fall Term 2016

Course Information



Office Location & Hours

Ismail San

isan [at]

Office: EEM102

Office Hours: Fridays 10:00-12:00


Class Room: Computer Engineering B7

Class Schedule: Wednesday 9:00-12:00am


Check the class website twice in a week.


Slides and other course information are in the folder docx

Homeworks are in the folder hwx


The grades: bim305Fall2016 <- HW 1 grades are also available!

Homework Assignments

We will have 6 Homework Assignments.

ˇ        Homework Assignment 1: hw1.html - due date is passed!

ˇ        Homework Assignment 2: hw2.html - due date is passed!

ˇ        Homework Assignment 3: hw3.html - due 3pm Wed Nov 23

        Dropbox online submission link -> hw3_submit

ˇ        Homework Assignment 4: hw4 is to be announced soon! - due 3pm Wed Nov 30



Submitting Homework Assignments

For every one of homework assignments in this course, you can turn it in by paper to Adem Öztürk before 3:00pm on Fridays or submit using Dropbox online submission whose link is provided next to each assignment. For Dropbox online submission, simply click on the Dropbox link for the particular homework assignment, and locate and submit your printed or typed your assignment by following the instructions given by Dropbox.

The homework assignments are due before 3:00pm on Fridays via Dropbox (a link will be available for every hw). You can write your homework assignment in TextEdit, MS Word, MacOS Pages, or any other editor, however only Text or PDF should be submitted. You could scan/pdf your handwritten work, and submit the resulting PDF file. However, low-resolution or unreadable files are not accepted.

No late homework is accepted. No other submission is allowed (by email etc.).

Weekly Course Plan (Tentative)

We will cover Chapters 1-5 of the Textbook. The weekly plan is as follows:

ˇ        Week01:

Introduction to the course. Motivation.

ˇ        Week02:

Chapter 1, Sections 1-8 (Computer Abstractions and Technology) chap1.pdf

ˇ        Week03:

Chapter 1, Sections 9-11 (Computer Abstractions and Technology)

Chapter 2, Sections 1-4 (Instructions: Language of the Computer) chap2.pdf

ˇ        Week04:

Chapter 2, Sections 5-13 (Instructions: Language of the Computer) chap2.pdf

ˇ        Week05:

Chapter 3, Sections 1-11 (Arithmetic for Computers) chap3.pdf



ˇ        D. A. Patterson and J. L. Hennessy. Computer Organization and Design, 5th Edition, Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier, 2014. Google Books Site

ˇ        Available electronically via ZyBooks

ˇ        Additional course material is found in the folder docx

Grading Rules (Tentative)

ˇ        Homework Assignments & Quizes: 25%

ˇ        Midterm 1: 15%

ˇ        Midterm 2: 20%

ˇ        Final: 40%                

Dr. Ismail San


ˇ        E-mail: isan [at]

ˇ        Tel: External 6469

ˇ        Office: EEM 102